How to add WordPress Favicon

You have seen it with almost every website. An icon appears on the tab, along with the website’s title. It’s called a favicon, site icon WordPress favicon. This icon helps the users into the identification of the website. When too many tabs are open in the browser, then a user simply recognizes the website tab with favicon.

Favicon plays an important role in instant recognition and brand recognition. That’s why it is a must ingredient of every successful site.

In this post, we will show you the way to create WordPress favicon. So, you must keep reading further. This information will help your website.

All reasons to add favicon to WordPress

favicon helps to establish a website’s identity. Moreover, it upgrades the site’s usability and user experience.

The general behavior of users is simple. They open a great number of tabs in the browser. Due to this, the title of the website remains hidden. So, the user identifies the website with the favicon. This way, the user remembers the icon with the website’s name. You can call it a logo for a website.

When a user adds a website to the home screen, then favicon is used to show the website. It is also a helping feature of favicon.

The way to create a WordPress favicon

The best choice is to use your brand’s logo as your favicon. It also helps in brand recognition. However, you can use any icon which is suitable for you.

All experts recommend using an icon that has 512 pixels, both in width and length. It should be in square shape. But you can also use a rectangular image.

WordPress allows you to crop images. That’s why you can create an icon easily.

For that, you must use Adobe Photoshop. But you need to create an icon with 512 pixels’ width and 512 pixels’ height. You can also use a transparent image as a background. The image must be in png, jpeg, or gif format.

How to add a favicon to WordPress?

wordpress favicon

If you are using WordPress 4.3, then you can add favicon from the WordPress admin area. For that, you need to go to the “Appearances.” After that, you will see the customize option. So, you must click on it.

It will show you the “Site identity” tab. So, you must click on it.

The Site identity section allows the user to change many things, such as site title and description. Moreover, it allows you to control the display items in the header. And it also allows you to upload an icon.

So, you must click on the site file button. Now, you can upload an icon to your WordPress site. So, you must select an icon from your computer and upload it to your WordPress site.

If the icon exceeds the limitations, then you can crop it.

After the finalization of your icon size, you can select the “Add to Home screen” option. It will add the favicon to your WordPress site.

Wrap up

We have described the way to create a favicon and add it to your WordPress site. Now, you can use the procedure on your site. Have a good day.