How to Build a Custom Web Design

Custom Web

Developing and Designing your own Custom Web Design according to your own choices is looks impossible. But we can build custom web design by using visual resources, tips, and the right tools.

Here is a guide that we write for you on how you can build a custom web design by following these easy steps and you can also get UI design, web design, digital marketing, and many other professional services at Web Buds.

Determine Your Site’s Objective

The first thing that you must know before building your Custom Web Design is to decide your website’s main goals, like why are you developing your website, which kind of services you are offering, and how does it work?

There are several types of websites and may you want to build one of them:

  • Online store
  • Portfolio
  • Blog
  • Landing page
  • Resume
  • Event site
  • Brand website

All websites are fairly and evenly important, but all consist of different pages, visuals, and copies. The common point is you need to follow the same steps and set the pattern for the development.

Deciding Website Domain Name

The most important step is building your custom web site to decide your website domain; it’s your website’s address.

It requires that both match your website name and business name so that the users and the customers can search more comfortably and easily.

You don’t need to include numbers, hyphens, and other special characters in your domain name.

Your domain name must be good, so you should talk about and write it without any trouble and easily. Despite where you decide to set up and host your website, you need to buy a registered domain name.

If the domain name you have decided on is not available, you might want to look into replacing it, except you’ve already begun to build your presence. In such a situation, you can start to look into another domain name.

There are a number of extensions, like .net, .co, .online, .review, .com, .site, and many more.

But usually, and most commonly used extension is .com. that’s why it’s always a good suggestion to extension, although you can also use another extension.

Choose Your Website Platform

When you have decided which kind of Custom Web site you are planning to develop, your next step is to decide the platform you will use.

Here we will discuss some most famous platforms that we can use for development. It will be more easy and comfortable for you than others to design a website if you know a little bit of coding.


WordPress is one of the most famous and popular platforms for building a website. It is also known as the self-hosted website.

More than 30% of the websites on the internet are developed by using WordPress. WordPress is available in 2 versions. and, and both are self-hosted.

Self-hosting websites are the top in the best website building platforms because it offers amazing and powerful features, scalability and ease to use interface. WordPress is an open-source website building platform that offers you more control over your website than the other building platforms.

Using WordPress, you need a hosting account to build your website.

Constant Contact Website Builder

The constant contact website builders powered by A.I programs. It’s an intelligent building platform that helps you build especially design a custom website in a few minutes.

For some people, it’s a dream come true to build a website without any technicalities.

Constant Contact is recognized for signifying the world’s best email marketing service.

After receiving small companies’ interests, they have determined to build a world-class artificial intelligence-powered website development that helps you build a website in minutes.


Wix is another famous cloud-based custom web design platform. It offers a very comfortable, powerful, and easy-to-use set of features to build your website.

You will not have to pay for hosting because it’s a completely hosted platform.

Wix offers you to choose your favorite website design from the set of hundreds of built-in templates.

Each template can completely modify and editable with an automatic drag and drop feature.

Select Your Theme/Template

Now you are aware of the best platforms for website development where you can find the built-in themes and templates and many more features.

After signing up on your decided platform designing your chosen theme, all the website likely still requires a lot of the customization to fix your web pages and your brand.

This helps you a great start for your web designing, and each website builder platform will allow you to begin the theme inwardly

since you’ll be making your choice directly from their Platform.

Create Your Site Map

Now let’s move on to the next step of designing and building the site map of your website and deciding how many pages you want to create.

It’s important to know why you need to create a site map; you build the site map so that you don’t go blindly and have the full idea of your website and all pages.

A good sitemap may include these pages

  • Home page
  • About us
  • Content page
  • Our services

All business and website have different objectives and services that they offer. So make sure you cover all the important features of your business.

You can use the flow diagrams that will help you to organize your pages and requirements.

Create a web copy

Creating a web copy is unnecessary, but when you want to add any page, make a copy of your Custom Web Design/ website that will help your users if they want to work with you and your business.


Becoming online is easier and important for your business. There are a number of active website on the internet that is developed by professional.

But today, anyone can develop their website and custom web design without having any technical skills.

The good thing is that we have discussed the process that will help develop your Custom Web site without anyone else. But if you still want to go for a Web design Agency then you must read this article on How to choose the best web design agency for the perfect decision.

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Thank you for getting in touch!

The more info you give us about your project, the better we can respond to your enquiry.

Please include your briefs, timeframes, budgets, and any relevant links to help us get to the root.