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What is SEO?

If you own a website for your business and not familiar with “SEO”, then you’re already at a loss in terms of prospective customers of your business.  SEO is the practice to [...]

How to Build a Custom Web Design

Developing and Designing your own website according to your own choices is looks impossible. But we can build custom web design by using visual resources, tips, and the right tools. Here is a [...]

Why you Need Bespoke Web Design

Here at Webbuds, we create what you wish for. One of the most special service we offer here is bespoke web design. In simple language, it is what we call a unique web design. If you google the [...]

How to add WordPress Favicon

You have seen it with almost every website. An icon appears on the tab, along with the website’s title. It’s called a favicon, site icon WordPress favicon. This icon helps the users into the [...]

How to Duplicate a Page in WordPress?

Recently, we are bombarded with questions from our readers. One popular question was, “how to duplicate a page in WordPress?” It is a fair question to ask when you have a website that needs [...]

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