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Since its release in 2003, WordPress has become one of the most preferred options for bloggers and businesses. The reason is simple; it’s flexible, easy to use, and has a strong plugin structure. According to an estimate, about 33% of the websites in the world are based on WordPress. So we can say it is a go-to CMS for all types of services providers as well as eCommerce-based websites. If you are searching for WordPress developer London, then you must read this article thoroughly.

Wordpress Web Developer London

WordPress provides many choices for you if you are planning to launch a website and grow your business. Although it is user-friendly and has a strong plugin but revealing its true potential needs expertise and experience.

Luckily, such dedicated and experienced WordPress developers are easily available who are a pro in knowing all the nooks and crannies of this platform. The real challenge lies in searching for the right fit for your company and hiring them. With the help of the following tips, it will be easier for you to find the right WordPress developer London Company.

Who to hire? Company or a freelancer?

The very first question that comes in mind is whether to hire a WordPress web development company or a freelance web developer. I know this sounds weird to discuss but it’s important. There are pros and cons involved in both scenarios.

Company or freelancer

Hiring a freelancer WordPress Programmer is far less costly as compared to hiring a dedicated WordPress programmer from a WordPress Development Company. But on the other hand, companies are more reliable and their chances of fleeing are far less as compared to Freelancers.

So what’s the verdict? Well, if you are an individual or small company and starting new then price would be a major factor in this decision. In case you are a big company or want to develop an interactive website then going for WordPress Web Design Company would be a better option. So you need to check your preferences first.

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Map Out What exactly you need

Even though you are not programming your website personally but you still need to know exactly what you are looking for before hiring WordPress programmers. You need to completely map out all the information carefully as it will affect the end result. We are not talking about the site’s layout plan although it is important too. But we are talking about the purposes and goals of the site.

For example, some of the questions that you should be asking yourself are:

  • What is the purpose of the website? Is it here to sell the products and build your brand name or is it here to share information with the community?
  • What would be the volume of data or the types of pages it is covering?
  • What specific features or functionalities do your website needs? Do you need some specific tools or added features?
  • Which social media platforms do you want to cover? What else do you need to link your website with?
  • What financial options do you want to include on your website?

All this information is crucial for communication between you and the developer. It will also determine the cost of the project. You need to be clear and precise about your requirements as obviously it will be the first thing that your WordPress developer would ask.

Be Aware of the Cost Incurred

Although a WordPress-based website is a lot cheaper than a customized CMS website, still you must have a clear idea of the expenses involved. There are some factors that affect the payment which is as follows:

  • Scope of the Project: how big your website is going to be? How much data is complex? How urgently do you want it? All of these factors determine the cost. Depending on the website’s complexity, most developers will charge on a per-hour basis.
  • Needs and Specifications: the more complex your needs and specifications are, the more costly it will command. If the site is simple, the cost will be a lot less.
  • Expertise of the Programmer: the more experienced and expert the programmer is, the higher he will charge. You need to find a balanced programmer who is competent and reliable but also charges less.

What Qualities A Developer should have?

An ideal developer is hard to find especially if you don’t have technical expertise.  But you can decide on the following factors:

Wordpress Developer

  • If the rates are lower, to begin with then it means he is inexperienced. An expert developer knows the worth of his time and expertise and charges well as well.
  • Make sure to check out the reviews, references, and testimonials of the developer. If possible talk with his previous client or employee and get to know their experience with the developer. Also, make sure that the reviews and testimonies that he is showing are authentic. Ask for his previous projects that you can see live.
  • Sometimes most expert developers lack the basic skills. Make sure to check he has expertise in WordPress.
  • In order to determine the efficiency of the website, be clear about the tools and templates being used.
  • Have communication with the developer yourself. Check how clearly he understands the requirements and how well he communicates. Check out his response time and whether or not he is easy to work with.
  • Make sure the developer knows the scope of the position. Be clear about the revisions, upgrades, and support that he is going to provide.
  • For finalizing things, make sure to list out all the points you both have agreed upon to avoid any confusion in the future and get it in writing.

These were some guidelines to help you make the right choice and the right decision. Depending on the cost, there is a wide turf out there to choose from. Trust on your instincts and keep your mind open and you will definitely have an awesome WordPress-based website with you.

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Thank you for getting in touch!

The more info you give us about your project, the better we can respond to your enquiry.

Please include your briefs, timeframes, budgets, and any relevant links to help us get to the root.