Complete Guide to Website Management Services

Website Management

Websites are important for your business, and you need to get professional services to manage your website. Most websites are build using the web builder platforms like and WordPress. Websites developed using these platforms require professional website management services to keep your website secure and increase performance.

The professionals can increase the values of your business by dealing with their expertise.

Website management services are long-term services; you can submit the fee of these services daily if you are taking daily services and same as monthly and yearly.

Website Management Services

Daily Management Tasks

When we talk about website management, the most important thing is to make sure that the website loads fast, gives the best experience to the users, and ensures security. You need to follow the below tasks to the best results.

Daily backup

It’s important to back up your website. Backup allows you to stay online and active in case of an issue with your website and the host.

It’s good if you take the offsite daily backup of your website and the database.

With a good website management system, you can quickly record the incremental backups to ensure that your website is secure and protected.

Upload the backup files on your dropbox or google drive and any other external places.

You can download files on your computer too to make it secure.

Check Uptime

Downtime not only represents your business in the glum light but also damages the conversion and the sales rate.

When you use the WordPress website management system, you can use a feature of uptime monitor that will inform you about your website’s downtime.

If you notice that your website has a lot of downtimes, then definitely it’s time to update your website hosting plan or to contact the hosting companies.

Perform Daily Security Checks

With the increment of the online safety perils and threats, you don’t need to leave anything at risk. You can use different security software to make sure that your website is threat and malware-free.

Also, you can use different plugins to make security checks anytime. Use auto security systems that will check and inform you by email or slack if any unusual and suspicious activity happens.

Weekly Management Tasks

The following steps should perform weekly management. But always remember that some tasks like WordPress updation, plugins, and themes depending on the outer factors, so you have to adjust it accordingly.

Updation of Theam, Plugin and WordPress

As we have mentioned above, these updations are related to the outer elements.

You just need to make sure that you update all the themes and plugins as soon as their updates come. It affects the security and the performers of your website.

Testing Your Website On Browser

Check your website and check on the browser and make sure that there is no issue and problem with the interface and the layout. Formatting is another thing to assure the optimal user experience.

If the interface of your website is broken and the visitors can’t understand the website and what the website offers, and won’t follow the exact way to the clients and the customers.

Check your website to know how it works on mobile devices to assure its good response. Read more about Different Types of Mobile App Development.

Monthly Website Management Tasks

Perform the Following Discussed task for the monthly website management.

Website Analytics

Analyzing your website analytics, which helps you know the traffic source and where the visitors come from, which page is visited the most, the bounce rate of your website, and how long visitors visit your website.

It will help you analyze the website authority, pages that get traffic the most, and pages that confer users are dropping off.

Website Loading Speeds

Check your website loading speed once a month. As you start uploading more media files and probably start downloading the plugins on it, it may affect your website loading speed and start taking a long time to load.

You need to make sure that the site is optimized and manage the fast loading speed and don’t worry about it that the users are complaining; try to maintain visitor’s interest.

Check out the website form

Once in a month, visit your website and fill out the test all forms to make sure no inquiry, contact, and the website’s working and lost visitors.

Verify Backup

Backing up means keeping a copy of your website; backup is essential you can use backup files in the website management system or any case of issue.

Make sure that the backup you are taking is accurately stored at the selected location. It’s important to check you can efficiently restore your website if any worst activity happens instead of looking out for your backup plan that doesn’t help.

Database Optimization

With the passage of time, the WordPress database becomes very large due to post revisions, comments and drafts, and many other reasons.

List a proper database optimization once every three months to ensure that your website performs very well and at its peak.

Deactivate the Unused Themes and Plugins

Over every month, Remove and deactivate the unused themes. Be sure to restrict vulnerability and security problems.

Yearly website Management Tasks

Perform the following Tasks for the Yearly Website Management.

Analyze the Theme and Plugins

For the yearly management services, you need to install and activate plugins and assess how accurately they work. Ensure that they are working actively, well managed, and replace the plugins if any plugin stops working.

You also need to ensure that the theme you are using for a website is updated and use best methods.

Update Copyright Information

Refresh the copyright data on your website that shows the current year. Otherwise, visitors won’t be able to know that you are still active in business or not.


When the website design is ready, a copy of the website is created, and your website is launched. You need qualified and experienced professionals help to maintain your website.

We are here to help you offer the best website management services we will keep your website well managed, fresh and updated. Keep the backup regularly.

Keep your website up to date, fresh, and focused for the users; use iconic marketing strategies that visitors stay connected to your website and see you are active.

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Thank you for getting in touch!

The more info you give us about your project, the better we can respond to your enquiry.

Please include your briefs, timeframes, budgets, and any relevant links to help us get to the root.