What is Pay Per Click? A Definitive Guide to learn PPC

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According to a marketing report by a credible source, 79 percent of marketers considered pay-per-click marketing fruitful for their businesses. Moreover, 62 percent of industrialists said they would increase their budgets for PPC ads as it suits their businesses best. In the strategies of marketing, PPC has become one of the widely used frameworks. Pay-per-click marketing is increasing its prominence day by day. Let’s understand first what is meant by pay per click?

Pay per click (PPC) is a way of online advertisement. In this process, advertisers put ads on different forums. When an ad is clicked, payment is sent to the host of the platform by such a forum. The SERP will show the ads to drive traffic to the website. The fee one pays to the host of the platform displaying the ad depends on people clicking the ad.

Pay per click, when done correctly, can drive a targeted audience. Many forums are offering pay-per-click advertisements—for instance, Google or Bing. Social media forums like Facebook also display these PPC ads. If you think that have, you ever encountered a pay-per-click advertisement? Let’s make it easy for you. Those results that appear before and on the right side of a search result characterised by ‘ad’ are pay-per-click advertisements.

How PPC Works?

pay per click working model

Pay per click is a keyword-focused marketing strategy. For instance, the management services of PPC, for example, AdWords, provide a value to various terms in the search. Then, depending on the volume of search, complexity, and competition, the value is assigned. Additionally, keyword value is obtained by checking the number of competing advertisers for a similar keyword.

If we talk about forums that display pay-per-click ads like Google. They have limited slots for such advertisements. So it doesn’t depend on the process of paying more in a matter of PPC ad’s visibility.

There is an ad auction for determining the validity and appropriateness of ads via an automated process. To appear on search engine result pages, one needs to have a good quality score. It is the main ingredient to increase the ad’s position and in a higher or lower cost per click.

A quick tip to improve your quality score is as follow:-

  • Your ads should be related to the target place or people
  • Must have excellent and quality keywords
  • Must have high click-through rates
  • Driving prospects to the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)– optimised landing pages

Types of Pay Per Click ad

Pay-per-click ads work to promote your business and to drive a quality audience. It has many types. Let’s see how many types are there for pay-per-click advertisements.

Paid Search ads

Search PPC ads sample

Well, in short, it is primarily your google or Bing ads. This kind of marketing is one of the most used types of pay-per-click. People typing specific keywords can see top results in the form of ‘Ad’. Also, they appear at the bottom sometimes in google or Bing results. Recognising them is easy by the tag of ‘Ad’, which describes it as a paid content. Also, these are content with no visuals attached. If you want to set up this type of pay-per-click, follow some important points.

  • Choose your keywords carefully as keywords make your add to top results. Relevancy in this context holds much importance.
  • We suggest long-tail keywords.
  • Now, select your maximum bid carefully. It will be the quantity every time one hits your ad.
  • Your quality score and amount that you have selected for bid will define your placement.
  • Quality score is determined by your ad relevancy, the rate for click as well.
  • After the placement, you are free to launch your per-pay click paid search ads.

Display PPC ads

Display ads

Display advertisement is also an essential type of pay-per-click. It involves banners, images, or any text ads appearing on several websites. It is selected carefully to target a specific audience. These ads open a website. Although, these types of ads return a lower click-through rate if we compare them with search ads. But they are proved to be very effective for promoting a brand.

Setting up display advertisement is similar to other pay-per-click types set up. One has to ensure the amount to bid when people click it. One difference is that only after the approval of google, to display your ad. One needs to do the following.

  • Go through all Google’s ad image requirements so that your ad gets approval.
  • Choose your preferred websites for displaying that ad.
  • If you are looking for your brand’s promotion, the best choice is display ads.

Social Media ads

social media ads platforms

Today, social media forums like Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn have a higher number of users. Pay-per-click advertisements over such platforms can lead towards a higher click-through rate. It is a great way to generate clicks. People on such forms look for special offers, exciting news, and places.

To set up ads on social media, first, you need to select a platform. The most prominent ones that can lead to success are Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and also LinkedIn.

It depends on what sort of audience you need to select a platform. Also, you have a facility to target specific people over these forums.

For instance, if you are selecting Facebook, you can select specific parameters.

  • Demographical
  • Geographical
  • Interests
  • Job titles
  • Interests
  • Industry

Social media advertisement is considered one of the top marketing strategies in pay-per-click to generate leads.

Remarketing PPC ads

Remarketing PPC ads Model

Based on previous activities, specific ads are shown to a user over its browser. Notably, it uses cookies. For instance, if a person has searched for home appliances, he will get the display ads for the latest deals for furniture or other home appliances. It serves as a part of additional pay-per-click types. It creates a way for people to get them to think again for one’s business. Therefore, if they were confused before, maybe this time they attain confidence.

Setting up a retargeting or remarketing ad needs google remarking code. You may also know it with the name of the tracking pixel. It engages the leads and is a very beneficial marketing strategy. Understanding what the targeted audience sees on your pages enlightens you with pages your audience visits.

Follow these points:-

  • Make a list of the audience when they leave your website and place them accordingly.
  • Divide list for viewers of product page 1 and product page 2
  • By doing so, your audience will see ads for that specific product.

Google Shopping

Google shopping

This is another type of pay-per-click advertisement. You must have seen some ads in a carousel frame at the top of google search results. The primary purpose of this is to provide viewers with the products and their prices instantly.

It drives their attention, and they click to views the attractive price range option for the product. If one wants to set up these ads, one has to initiate the new campaign in his ads account by choosing ‘Shopping’ as a type of campaign. Also, clear the specific requirements like

  • Location
  • Name of campaign
  • Country in which you have to sale
  • Amount of bid
  • Your budget
  • Gadgets ( Smartphone, PC)

Here you go, run the ad successfully. This type empowers users with viewing all in one. For example, the product price, supplier, its rating or offers to deliver.

Local Services Advertisement

Local services PPC ads

This is one type of advertisement for specific people, counting some plumbers or locksmiths. Moreover, electricians or some technology companies like the garage door. So if someone is under this niche, they can go for this type of advertisement.

To set up this kind of ad, one needs to follow a three-step approach.

  • First, one needs to sign up as a service provider.
  • One has to specify his location and services.
  • Budget setup is essential. One has to ensure the amount each week for new customers.
  • Staring the ads on google is the last step. Only turn it on when one is fully ready to handle new buyers. Then, in case you are away or not sure, stop displaying your ads.

Remember, these ads have a zip code displayed as well. Maybe some other details like City name. Also, ratings and the name of the business are shown. It is an excellent way to get people who need such local services.

Gmail Support Promotions

Gmail PPC ads

Well, to reach straight to one’s inbox. This is a preferred type of pay-per-click advertisement. These Gmail-sponsored promotion ads are shown on the top of a mail inbox section of a person. When a person receives this email, he sees an ‘ad’ tag attached to it. If one needs to set up this type of advertisement, he needs to go to Google’s Ad’s experience to start Gmail-based advertising. ‘Display ad’ option is what you need to select for this. Afterward, check the following.

  • Your aims
  • Type of campaign
  • Targeting audience

Google gets its payment when someone opens the email. So if one wants to select some time to reach people specifically, this is your pay per click type.

Youtube Advertisement

YouTube ads

You must have encountered ads that you see when you select some video to watch on YouTube. Yes, these are called streamline ads. It can be a sidebar ad or the other that one can’t skip. That is the sponsored material that you have seen in between or the start of the video. It is the most efficient type of pay-per-click advertisement. People sometimes even don’t skip ads because they are so interested and engaging.

It is an intelligent way and undoubtedly an effective one. To set up this one, you have to choose a video campaign type in your Google ads account. Now choose a name and ensure your bid strategy. Also, you need to select the budget and dates on which your ads will be displayed. There are some popular forums for that. You can select in:

  • YouTube results of the search
  • YouTube videos
  • Display network or any video partners

There are some other sections that you need to fill. For instance, placements or to whom you want to show your ad. After this fulfillment, you can launch your ad.



Pay per click is an efficient way to reach an audience that fits well with your business. This technique is so in a trend that even large organisations utilise it as they are extensively benefited by it. Different paid advertisement agencies offer many formats. You can undoubtedly use them to reach your desired audience. Also, we must consider that different PPC ads types will lead to more remarkable results. Step ahead and hire the best Digital marketers to start your PPC campaigns for your business growth. Click here to know digital agencies’ way of work.

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Thank you for getting in touch!

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Please include your briefs, timeframes, budgets, and any relevant links to help us get to the root.