What are SEO Backlinks? 11 Smart Ways to Do Backlinking

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SEO backlink is a way to point towards another website. SEO backlinking is the process when one website uses the link of another website on its webpage. So, when any website adds a link to your website in their content, you have SEO backlinking by them. If you are the one using the link of a website, they have SEO backlinking by you. Moreover, SEO backlinks are also called inbound links, external links, or one-way links. These links are like an appreciation of the material or product of another website. That’s aside, what google has to do with these SEO backlinks is a critical question here. Well, in short, Google uses these SEO backlinks as ‘votes’ for a page or website that it considers ranking. It is said that pages with a more significant number of backlinks get a good ranking by search engines like Google.

What makes SEO backlinks very important?

Benefits of SEO backlinks

Some significant aspects are directly hit by SEO backlinking. Let’s see what these aspects are

Shows Authenticity and Reliability

First, as stated above, search engines such as Bing or Google consider SEO backlinking important. This is because many people relying on a website, linking another website to theirs is a referral. Besides, it states that the information is trustworthy and reliable.

Ranking Privilege

Good quality SEO backlinks assist the website in increasing its ranking and visibility in search engine page results. Considering these as votes of confidence, search engines rank those websites more who gain more votes by other websites.

More Discoverable

If a website gets more links from well famous websites, it can be discovered by search engines more quickly. This is because search engines try to explore new material by revisiting websites they are already known of. By this, they get some new links as well. Also, search engines focus more on visiting pages that are more popular than those that aren’t.

More Traffic and Promotion

SEO backlinking is essential because it provides people with different resources for a better understanding. When a person clicks on a website, it will get traffic that helps in a Search engine Optimisation (SEO) of a website. As a result, you will get a good score. Websites in a specific niche use SEO backlinks of a particular site, referring to it as trustable content. This grows business for the one having more backlinks. Plus, improve and aware people of the existence of a fantastic store. Also, it is suitable for the one utilising a qualitative SEO backlink.

Google’s all-time static ranking measure

There is no doubt to the fact that Google brings changes to its algorithm always. This is done to get quality and effort among all businesses on the top. SEO backlinking has remained a vital aspect of the search engine ranking process for a long time. Google has also verified that SEO backlinks are the main and important ranking factor.

Types of SEO Backlinks

Types of Backlinks

These are the main types of SEO backlinks that are very popular and are utilised most of the time. Let’s see what these SEO backlinks are and how they are used.

Do-Follow Links

Do follow links are those links that tell search engines to note that they exist. Also, these types of links ask search engines like google to give SEO value to such links. Search engines analyse those SEO backlinks and give rankings accordingly. Therefore, people use such links in ‘do follow’ that helps them building trust and ranking. Importantly, links in this category hold a value in determining your position in search engine ranking.

No worries, use those links that are from popular and authentic sites. In brief, these links give more power to your website if you prefer qualitative links. If someone uses some bad or ‘toxic’ links, this will be punished by Google. Also, remember that quantity is not as important to search engines as quality.

No-Follow Links

No-Follow links are those links that ask search engines like google to ignore the added links. Simultaneously, these links tell the search engine to give them less value for SEO. Therefore, these links are not the ones to improve ranking or SEO. Instead, a simple one not focused on ranking higher (could be used for further explanations). Google introduced no follow in 2005. Later, in 2019, Google made an addition to this type of SEO backlinking approach. These additions were named ‘sponsored’ backlinks and ‘UGC’ backlinks. It doesn’t mean that Google has nullified no-follow links.

The newly introduced backlinks were not something so different from no-follow backlinks. These two also states to Google that they are the ones not for page ranking. However, a minor shift these will have in them is that they will provide a ‘hint’ to Google regarding the link’s main reason to use and intent. So let’s understand more about what sponsored and UGC backlinks are and how they are perceived in SEO backlinking.

Sponsored Link

These are the link that you provide payment for. Sometimes website owners pay some influencer or popular platform. This payment is provided for promoting any product or content of another website. Sometimes, to attain a good review of any service or product. This aspect involves three things.

  • Direct Money
  • Product
  • Service

If any of these are used in exchange for utilising a link by some popular forum, this comes under sponsored category. The most crucial aspect here is about Google Webmaster guidelines specify about it. Any warning, payment, or gift provided to forums for linking your site is a violation of Google’s terms. Moreover, it can hit the ranking of a website negatively. Remember, Google appreciates not these sorts of links. Yet, it has become capable of drawing a line between advertisement and spam.

UGC Links

In 2019, this category of SEO backlinking was introduced with some significant perspectives. User-generated content is those things that are taken from a comment box under any post. Therefore, these links clarify to Google that a user has posted the link. It explains that this link is not some advertisement.

Many people are still not sure about what a good or bad link is. We categorise it as good or bad because SEO backlinks affect the ranking. Furthermore, not necessarily a site or forum has a good quantity of backlinks. Therefore, one must utilise those SEO backlinks that bring value and helps to attain a good ranking. Let’s understand how you can get more quality backlinks for your good ranking.

Get SEO Backlinks

Different techniques for SEO backlinking

There are three main ways for SEO backlinking. One can create it, earn it or build it. Indeed, you must be wondering how? So let’s see.

Earning a backlink is not so easy. First, you have to produce content that people find exciting and informative. Also, it must ensure its authenticity. Information that is more engaging and useful, people appreciate that content and select it to link. Also, remember that the results you see at the top of google search results have qualitative attributes. Therefore try to check that and create helpful qualitative content.

On the other hand, creating SEO backlinks can also be utilised. This is when you add your website link from other websites. For example, it can be submitting yourself to the business directories of a similar niche. Also, one can leave comments or get attached to forum threads.

Now let’s move towards building SEO backlinks. For this, one needs to find suitable owners, editors, or webmasters. There are many ways to earn or build SEO backlinks. For instance via, unlinked mentions. (Find the places where your website is mentioned and ask the one mentioning it to make it clickable). So let’s see what ways one can do it.

Best 11 ways for SEO Backlinking

If you are curious about gaining SEO backlinks, we will make you wait no longer. Let’s explain the best 11 ways to do backlinking.

Create a Quality-rich Content

Create content that admires people. People and businesses look for quality with authenticity and clarity. One must produce the content with facts, maintaining an inspiring tone. One must have the goal to create great content. Also, the content must have the most recent facts and information. This must be done because other businesses won’t choose to provide a backlink to you. If you don’t possess qualitative and top-notch content.

Build Good Relations

One should build good community relations, especially within the niche on social media forums and the physical world. One can make their presence meaningful by the contribution of informative comments. This will increase their name as well as they become known for active information-providing sources. By this, not just you will help them but benefit yourself as well. Therefore, you will get some backlinks and attain or deliver the latest news about the niche. Also, you have a chance to meet people who share a passion for the business, more like you.

Testimonial Way

Well, anyone finding a product or service can offer that business a testimonial, getting a link that takes one to your website. Utilising testimonials as social proof, companies show it on their work or success stories. For this, choose products or services that are more or less related to the business. A good tip for you is here as well. Choose a website carefully. For instance, it must have a domain authority over 60 because a high-quality website will provide you with high-quality SEO backlinks.


Blogging is a fundamental way to gain SEO backlinks. Writing content with unique and impressive content that is worthy of link building. Remember, you cannot write just any words. Your words must be relevant and interesting enough to gain backlinks. Well, few characteristics earn a more significant number of backlinks than others. These include

  • How articles. As these articles provide answers and suggestions, they are known for getting more SEO backlinks. For instance, writing on how to spend less money on a foreign tour’ can be linked to many. Travelling bloggers, travelling websites, budget and financial savings and many more.
  • List articles. By mentioning the numbering of the solution, one gets the attention. These articles are easy to read, and one gets information in points. Because of numbering, one can easily switch to ones he wants to know more about. For instance, ten ways to write influential blogs, 12 ways to get popular in the digital world etc.

Use Skyscraper Technique

This strategy involves the duplication of backlinks. This is done by finding the most popular and well-written content. Then, add the best by understanding it in his style. Afterward, offering those links for linking you. One can do it by doing this, first, getting results by search. Then, checking backlinks. Thirdly, writing better, having more qualitative pictures or content that the previous lacks. Finally, following all SEO-approved methods and ask the links to include your because you have highly qualitative material.

Guest Blogging

This technique is a very effective way to make people know about the business. Other than this, this lets businesses earn at least 1 or 2 SEO backlinks. For example, sites offer guest blogs and submission of a post. After providing qualitative information, one adds a link back to the website, and people utilise this. Also, many publications allow linking their website while writing. This way, one can add relevant and best pages to the article post. So, anyone can do it by finding guest posting sites and increase SEO backlinking.

Broken Link Building

Broken link building is another way to increase SEO backlinking. In this method, one finds broken links from various competitors or niche-related websites. Luckily, this technique works in real. If you are wondering what a broken link is, let’s explain it first. These are links that presently don’t exist or work on a website. Commonly named as 404 errors, these are the links that are no longer open. It’s because the other website has removed the link, or it has an improper URL. So, it is simple to find your business-related sites and those links. Then, ask for a replacement.

Use Trustworthy Business Directories

Google has removed and is continuously removing untrustworthy sites and online directories. This is done because absolute trustworthiness appears on top results. The one that can benefit users. So, one can check Google for its niche directories and utilise them. Moreover, directories not just provide info but a chance to post your link. One must be listed with informative and relevant directories to get indexed in search engines. In short, a perfect way for people to find you.

Create Infographics

One can utilise infographics that utilise less time. This will increase your SEO backlinking. What Infographic is?

It is a visual representation of facts and figures via charts or graphics. These pictures provide an efficient overview of the whole topic, more like summarising everything in a graph. To sum up, it’s an easy way to make others understand via visuals.

By such attractive infographics, you are adding more to the forums that produce compelling images. How it increases backlinking? It’s simple. Other platforms, when they will see such an engaging infographic, will utilise it.

Convert your Mentions into Links

Most businesses utilise the information without a link. While writing anything important or talking about a specific service, some businesses do mention your name. The difference here is that they use the name, not the link. This doesn’t benefit or create any SEO backlinks. Ask that forum to include your link as a replacement to name whenever you see such a thing. This will strengthen your SEO link building.

Check Your Competitor’s Backlink Status

If you make an analysis report on your competitors, you will see that they possess some backlinks. Well, the point is you don’t have them, but why? Many tools can help you answer this—for instance, Common Backlinks Tool (CBLT) and Monitor Backlinks. Identify what you are lacking and get more SEO backlinks.



SEO backlinks are the factor that no one can ignore while working hard for success in the digital world. In the world of SEO, you will find many specialists that only work in this area to increase productivity. Plus, it helps a business to get recognised easily via quality sources. One follows this to improve the ranking and an efficient recognition in the web world by the ones leading it. Additionally, Website Agencies can also do this for you.

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Please include your briefs, timeframes, budgets, and any relevant links to help us get to the root.