13 Best Contact Form Plugins for WordPress

13 Best contact form plugin for WordPress|ARform contact form plugin|Contact Form 7|Formcraft|Formidable Forms|Forminator|Gravity Forms|Jetpack Contact Form|Metform|Ninja Forms|Ninja kick|Visual form builder|wpforms|wpforms Lite

As a WordPress website owner, you would know how important it is to have a contact form. A contact form allows your visitors to get in touch with you easily and helps you collect valuable information from them. Many different contact form plugins are available for WordPress, but which is the right one for you? […]

13 Top WordPress Cache Plugins for Your Website

Best WordPress Cache Plugins|Borlabs plugin|Breeze plugin|Cache enabler plugin|Cachify plugin|Comet cache plugin|Conclusion|Hummingbird plugin|Hyper cache plugin|Nitropack plugin|W3 Total cache plugin|Wp Fastest cache plugins|Wp Optimize plugin|WP Rocket plugin|Wp Super cache plugin for WordPress

It is an era of the internet and speed. Search engines require many qualities in a website to rank them at the top. One of them is speed. The development of WordPress cache plugins is for this purpose. Before knowing completely about WordPress cache plugins, let us tell you something important. Installing WordPress cache plugins […]

How to Start a WordPress Blog? Step by Step Guide

How to start a WordPress blog?|Conclusion|Kind of WordPress blogs|Guide to create a WordPress blog|Create a WordPress blog|WordPress blog

Blogging is an activity that is more like expressing yourself through words. However, this is not all of it. The term ‘blog’ can refer to a personal space where an individual or a group of people can share their views or stories with the entire world. Some users create and update their blog as a […]

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org: Which one is better? (Comparison Chart)

Wordpress.com vs Wordpress.org|Wordpress.com vs WordPress.org: Ads and Monetization|SWOT analysis|Conclusion|Wordpress.com vs WordPress.org: Customization|Help and Support|Plugins|Security and Upgradation|Wordpress.com vs WordPress.org: Setting Up|which one is less expensive|Wordpress.com|Wordpress.org|Wordpress.com vs .org comparison|||||||||||

Are you puzzled between choosing WordPress.com or WordPress.org while finalizing a platform for making your website? Here you can find the differences that help you decide between WordPress.org vs WordPress.com. Although both WordPress.com and WordPress.org are the best platforms to make your website on. Also, they are the best content management systems as well. Still, […]

WordPress Widgets (How to Add, Use and Delete Widgets)

Word Press|Accessibility mode|WordPress additional widgets|Add Widgets areas to Theme|Add WordPress Widgets|WordPress Widgets categories|Conclusion|WordPress widget delete|Side bar|WordPress Accessibility|WordPress Widgets|WordPress Widget

WordPress Widgets are a significant part of WordPress. In this blog, you will know everything about a WordPress widget. You will be able to answer the following questions after reading this blog. What are WordPress Widgets? How are they useful? The process to add them? Its popular examples?  Let’s start to answer all one by […]

Clutch : Web Buds Records a 5-Star Rated Review


WordPress is one of the web platforms that offer sustainable and flexible approaches to web development with more than 58,000 plugins available for download. WordPress dominates the web development space in terms of popularity and being the top open-source platform used. It is easy to install with a lot of site-building tools included and one […]

What is WordPress and Its Features?

WordPress web design London

WordPress is a broadly used content management system, which relies on MySQL and PHP. In 2003, it began as a blogging site that evolved to CMS. At present, covering over 60% of their market share of sites built CMS. It helps in customisation, updates, and management of sites via its backend CMS. For getting more […]

WordPress Web Design: Reasons of Having a WordPress Developer

WordPress web design London

Ever wonder why your business isn’t thriving? Even with all the marketing strategies and promotional tactics you pulled off? The reasons are many but one thing is certain, your business isn’t booming because people do not trust your brand. You need proper planning before starting the business as well as you need a WordPress web design […]

How to Combine External Javascript in WordPress

Web Design agency london

If your website loads slowly, then it is a massive problem for you. However, there are a few numbers of ways that can help you. Among them, you need to properly combine external JavaScript in WordPress. This solution is simple and charming. In this post, we will show you in WordPress to combine external JavaScript. […]

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Thank you for getting in touch!

The more info you give us about your project, the better we can respond to your enquiry.

Please include your briefs, timeframes, budgets, and any relevant links to help us get to the root.